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On-Site Assistance

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We offer the On-site Assistance service which aims to restore the functionality of the equipment by replacing and/or repairing the defective parts. If on-site maintenance is not possible, it will be collected from our laboratory. We verify the correct functionality of the various hardware components and connected equipment (printers, scanners, etc.). We restore the devices (software, network, productivity and security) and, if possible, we recover the archives present. We carry out hardware maintenance with component replacement.

Help Desk

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We offer a Help Desk service which provides support for requests and for resolving problems. The diagnosis of the problem presented by the user is aimed at discriminating between a possible hardware or software malfunction and difficulty in using the product.

OutSourcing IT Resources

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We carry out IT Outsourcing that is, taking charge of the IT service that replaces the pre-existing one, absorbing all or almost all of its activities; ultimately, a transfer to our structure takes place as an external supplier of IT and telematic activities, including the supply of human resources on the various orders, whether they are help desk activities, on-call IT activities or principals.

Networking Activities

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Are you looking for customized networking solutions for your company? We at EPA System are experts in the design of IT networks and architectures, implementing the most advanced existing networking devices. Thanks to our networking technologies, we guarantee unprecedented business efficiency, reducing costs and improving users' operating methods, and increasing the level of services offered. Furthermore, we offer diagnostic services and technical assistance to guarantee you a customized and perfectly functional solution. Contact us now to get the best networking solution for your business!

HW Assembly & Repairs

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Custom sales and assembly. The processing will be performed only after analysis and specific information provided by the user to provide the best final product.


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Preventive maintenance:
Preventive maintenance has the objective of carrying out overhaul, replacement or repair maintenance work before the component fails thanks to periodic checks, sometimes providing for the replacement of components that may prove to be critical over time.
Ordinary maintenance:
Ordinary maintenance is the set of actions that have the purpose of restoring a system from a state of failure to the state of good functioning before the problem arose.
Extraordinary maintenance:
Extraordinary maintenance is generally the set of improvement actions, implementation of scalable systems. in addition to emergency interventions in the face of unexpected and unpredictable breakdowns that need to be restored.

Remote Support

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We offer remote assistance support that allows us to take control of your devices whether they are PCs, servers, etc. to solve anomalies or problems of various kinds, intervening from a remote position. It therefore allows speeding up the resolution of some problems since on-site intervention is not necessary.

At the same time we provide consultancy and training for the use of remote control by users in case they need to use it as a tool for working remotely (for example a trip). This allows the user to take control of his PC from any other device (tablet, phone)

Other services

Other Services

Warranty products

I. request for intervention to the manufacturer;
II. verification of acceptance;
III. verification of the closure of the intervention carried out by the manufacturer;

Cash register/POS assistance

We offer installations, overhauls, maintenance on the national territory with punched technicians.

Operational rental

We offer operating rentals on IT devices

Hardware Sale

Custom sales and assembly. The processing will be performed only after analysis and specific information provided by the user to provide the best final product.

Website and Application Development

We offer web designer work and custom applications


Epa System's VOIP service allows you to make voice calls over the Internet, offering advanced features at reduced costs for companies

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